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Will I be updated about the progress of the upgrade to my
website and email services?

Yes, please continue to check your administrative contact email address on your account. Notifications will be sent to your administrative contact email address. We do not anticipate the necessity for you to make any changes to your service. If you are required to make changes, we will email you with the details of changes required and follow up with a phone call. In the event of a delay prior to the upgrade, we will notify you by email and will inform you when your upgrade has been rescheduled.

Am I required to change my DNS settings?

If you are currently utilizing’s name servers and or and and have registered your domain name through WeDoHosting, you are not required to make any changes. We will automatically perform the necessary updates.

If you are not using’s name servers or did not register your domain name through’s, you will receive an email notification outlining the steps required to update your name servers. This email will include steps in order to review and confirm accuracy of the DNS records we have on file and instructions to update your name servers to provide  the ability to complete the upgrade.

How do I update my Name Servers?

You may login to your Domain Registrar’s Administrative interface and update to the following:

1st Name Server:
2nd Name Server:
3rd Name Server:
4th Name Server:

Depending upon where you registered your domain name, the instructions to update your name servers may vary. Common registrars are listed below with instructions to update name servers for your reference. If you do not know your registrar, click here and enter your domain name to look it up. Please note: Domain Name Server changes may take 24-36 hours to update throughout the Internet.

Network Solutions

  1. Log in to your Account Manager
  2. Select My Domain Names
  3. Select the domain name you want to change and select Manage
  4. In the green box, select Change Where Domain Points
  5. Select Domain Name Server (DNS)
  6. Under Specify Domain Name Servers section, type in
  7. Select Continue, then Apply Changes to accept changes

(480) 505-8877

  1. Log in to your Account Manager
  2. Next to Domains, click Launch
  3. Select the domain name(s) you want to modify
  4. From (Nameservers), select Set Nameservers
  5. Select the I have specific nameservers for my domains & enter and
  6. Click OK

  1. Log in to your User account
  2. You will be presented with a "Domain Portfolio" page listing the names within your account.
  3. Click the name you wish to update, which takes you to "Manage Domain" page, which displays a "NameServers" link.
  4. Click the "NameServers" link to display the servers currently in place, with a "New Nameserver" section offering Text Boxes into which the new servers can be added.
  5. Enter and
  6. Click the "Confirm" button to submit the changes.

  1. Log in to your account.
  2. Select the menu option Domains > My Domains.
  3. Click on the domain name you wish to work with.
  4. Click on DNS Server Settings, or select DNS Server Settings from the Manage Domain drop-down list.
  5. Choose Custom to enter your own nameservers addresses.
  6. Enter and
  7. Click Save.

Will my IP address change?

Yes, in order to complete the upgrade your IP address will change, therefore use of the existing IP address should be changed to your domain name in all instances, including the common uses outlined below:

  • Email clients (such as Outlook or Apple Mail)
  • Web browser bookmarks or use of the IP when accessing your Control Panel or Webmail URL
  • FTP client settings

Again, all of these instances of your IP should be replaced with your domain name in order to ensure a smooth transition during the upgrade.
During the upgrade, your website content will be updated to ensure there are no references to this IP (which will be replaced with your domain name). As we cannot detect or control domain names pointed to your IP not within’s platform, please ensure that if you have any external domains pointing to this IP they are updated to use the domain name as well.

What is the new default DNS zone file? What is my new IP address?

Your default zone file for all new domains is outlined below:










Are my FTP settings changing?

Yes your FTP settings are changing. For your reference, below are the standard conventions going forward:

Host = domainname.tld or ftp.domainname.tld
Username = domainname.tld
Password = your control panel password
NOTE: "" is to be replaced with your actual domain
Port = 21

If you are utilizing the existing IP address that is included with your package you are required to switch and begin using your domain name as displayed above, as your IP Address will be changing after this upgrade is complete.

Do I need to update my email client settings?

No. Your current settings to your already-created email boxes can remain the same. For all new email addresses that you create after the upgrade, please use the email settings below. Once the upgrade to your account is complete, you will receive an upgrade successful email. Upon receiving this email you can also update your existing email address settings to remain consistent across all email addresses, however this action is not required. The updated email settings are as follows:

Standard POP3 port = 110
Incoming/Outgoing mail server = mail.domainname.tld
password authentication = Yes
username = username.domainname.tld

Standard IMAP login convention / port port = 143
Incoming/Outgoing mail server = mail.domainname.tld
password authentication = Yes
username = user-name.domainname.tld

Standard SMTP login convention / port port = 25
alternate port = 1025
Incoming/Outgoing mail server = mail.domainname.tld
password authentication = Yes
username = user-name.domainname.tld

Will all of my email be available after the upgrade is complete?

Yes. The upgrade will be using new mail servers and all email content will be synchronized for you so you should not experience any disruptions.

How do I access the online email client once the upgrade is complete?

Upon receiving a successful upgrade confirmation email, you can access the updated online email client by visiting from your Internet browser and log in with your email address and email password.

Can I make changes to my website, databases, etc. during the upgrade?

We ask that you refrain from changing your website (text and images). This helps us ensure that your website and content is upgraded reliably and without error.
NOTE: If you must make text, image or other changes to your website content during the upgrade period, please email support at and we will send instructions to protect your revised content. If you do not make arrangements, changes that you make to your website content during the upgrade could be overwritten.


  • Databases are not affected by the upgrade period and access to your live website and email accounts will function normally during the upgrade.


Please also note that after the upgrade is complete, we request that you replace your local version of your site (if you have one on your personal computer for instance). During the upgrade, we may be required to make small changes to the code in your site (like internal links). If this is required it will means that your local version is no longer up to date. If you make a change to that version and upload it, your site may not work properly.
Replace the local copy of your site with the remote version (that is, the one on the Web) in order to make sure that both versions are up to date. By doing this, future changes you make will be compatible with the upgraded service.

Is there any risk of me losing any of my website content?
Do I need to back up my website and/or database?

You are not required to take any special action as far as backups of your content are concerned. It is always a good idea to keep backups of your website content for your personal use, but this need does not increase with the upgrade that we will be performing.

How will this upgrade help me?

We are upgrading our website plans, control panel and email services in order to provide you with the best possible products and services. We continue to expand our products and services portfolio in an effort to continue to help you easily manage, grow and maintain your successful online presence.

New control panel
Manage your account include all of the tools and applications that will help you build and maintain an effective web presence. You can access your new user-friendly control panel by going to -> login. You will be emailed a username and password where you can login to manage your account, you can also conveniently purchase additional products and services directly from this control panel. You will be able to quickly and easily upgrade your services, purchase additional domain names and learn about new products and services when they become available.

Increased disk space
You no longer need to worry about running out of website disk space, creating too many web pages or having too much traffic to your website. Our improved plans now provide you with increased website disk space and bandwidth transfer (service guide and acceptable use policies apply).

Increased scalability and reliability
The improved service easily accommodates large fluctuations in traffic, delivering consistent web and email performance and faster control panel functionality.

No service interruptions
The multi-redundant network architecture ensures operation without service interruption in the event of equipment failure or natural disaster. All web data undergoes continuous offsite rolling backups, protecting the integrity and security of your online files.

Improved email services
The improved service offers a new webmail client featuring faster message loading, optimized usability, and enhanced search capabilities. You can access the new webmail client by going to

Will this affect my billing, invoices, credit card updates, auto renewals, etc.?

This upgrade will not affect your billing and account information. You will notice the product name will be different.  Even though the naming convention has changed, your prices have not. Your prices have been grandfathered in.

Will my existing plan, services or product name change
after the upgrade is complete?

Yes, in most cases your existing plan name may change after the upgrade. Please see the table below. Even though the naming convention has changed, your prices have not. Your prices have been grandfathered in.

Your Current Plan Name

Your New Plan Name

Bill Text
for credit card billing

ASP Hosting

Hosting Plan – Professional

Micro Hosting

Hosting Plan – Starter

Premium Bronze Hosting

Hosting Plan – Starter

Premium Corporate Hosting

Hosting Plan – Professional Enhanced

Premium Enterprise Hosting

Hosting Plan – Professional

Premium Gold Hosting

Hosting Plan – Standard

Premium Platinum Hosting

Hosting Plan – Standard

Premium Silver Hosting

Hosting Plan – Starter

Semi Dedicated

Hosting Plan – VMS

X10 Xtreme Hosting

Hosting Plan – Starter

X50 Xtreme Hosting

Hosting Plan – Professional

Email Hosting Bronze

Hosting Plan - Email Bronze

Email Hosting Silver

Hosting Plan - Email Silver

Email Hosting Gold

Hosting Plan - Email Gold

Sub Domain Hosting

Hosting Plan – Sub Domain Hosting

Semi Dedicated Sub Host

Hosting Plan – VMS Sub Host

CF – Bronze Hosting

Hosting Plan – Professional

LS – Bronze Hosting

Hosting Plan - Professional

Additional Domain

Hosting Plan – Additional Domain

Domain Registration

Domain Registration

Will I be notified when the upgrade is complete?

Yes. Upon completing the upgrade we will send you an email notification. This email will contain information on how you can access the new control panel, online interface and much more. We thank you for your support in this upgrade and are confident that you will be very happy with the end result. Please visit our website at to see how we have improved our website plans and learn more about our new products and services.

I received a notification advising that the upgrade was complete however I still see the same Webmail interface. What do I have to do to see the new interface?

Please note, although the upgrade has been completed, there may be some cases where the new webmail interface will not be presented because the synchronization of mail-related items could still be in progress. This period of time should be brief and the new interface will be visible to you automatically after the synchronization is complete.

Who do I contact if I have questions or experience issues
before or after the upgrade?

We are available to help answer your questions and concerns. Please do not hesitate to contact one of the following customer support departments below:

Technical Support - 1-866.245.5154
Technical Support -
Hosting Sales – 1.866.678.5882 option 0
Billing – 1.866.678.5882 option 1

Also note that your upgrade email notifications include our customer support number if you need our assistance during the upgrade.


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